Ajmal Afif's blog

Balancing between consuming knowledge and creating values.

About Me

I’m in a constant mode of perfecting the art of balancing between consuming knowledge and creating values.

I ask and follow questions on Quora.
I fave‘d informative and philosophical tweets.
I read and experiment to grow my knowledge & skills.
I document my learning and learn by doing real projects on Github.

My past web experience is mostly Joomla! (had two jobs with Joomla! application development company). Now I invest most of my time & energy on learning to program with Ruby on Rails and WordPress for websites crafting.

I craft elegant websites for a living. Have a look at my work and services I offer on ajmalafif.com


I have a bachelor degree in Actuarial Science from Smeal College of Business, the Pennsylvania State University.
My first job was as Industrial Analyst & Management Trainee (both at the same time) at Group Strategy department in Sime Darby.
Then I went and worked as Customer Technical Support Specialist (later as CTS Manager) at JomSocial.
I had an opportunity to spend some time as Online Marketer at Stackideas, dealing with Search Engine Optimization and On-Site marketing effort like A/B testing & conversion rate.