live blogging: Google Analytics workshop

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Sources of Data:-

Purpose of GA

Why we track in the first place.

  • Acquisition

    Where are your traffic/people coming from (Linkedin, Facebook etc.). Good example of offline marketing or acquisition is MYEG.

    Dimensions (Rows) always green vs Metrics (Columns) always blue.

    Typically Dimensions has about two levels versus Metrics which could have a lot (more than two).

  • Action

    Once you acquired them, what do you want them to do on your site? Define what those actions are. Answer: create Goal or Event.

  • Retention

    Returning visitors. "Stickiness".

  • Referral

    Self-explanatory. This could overlap with Acquisition.

  • Revenue

Why Analyze?

  • At the end of the day, it works as "Report Card" to tell about your site performance against your intended goals.
  • Tools:-
    • Google Experiments

Exam-Related Questions

  • Profile changes is NOT retrospective.
  • Setting Up an Account

    • 25 Accounts Maximum
    • 50 Profiles per Account
    • 1250 of total Profiles
    • 10 Million Pageviews limit (monthly)
    • Time Zones (Set Up Once Only)
    • Names of Accounts/Profiles can be changed/deleted
  • (Bonus) Property Settings > WebMaster Tools Settings

  • Creating Filters

    1. Profiles Filters
  • Anatomy Of A Visit

    • 30 minutes is typically length of a visit/session expires
    • When Page load, that's a Page View
    • GA Query Explorer 2
  • Social Tracking

  • Goals creation

    • Pre-defined goals based on site types [?]

    • Total of 5 goals in one set. There are 4 sets. (20 goals)
    • In Goals, there's funnel visualization.
  • eCommerce

  • Custom Reporting

    • Study custom reporting pre-defines and popular reporting
    • Only dimensions Filters for Custom Reports. No metrics (blue).
  • Measuring Conversions

    • Events related conversions (Phone Call etc.)
  • Campaigns

    • use campaigns builder here
    • Especially useful for newsletter

Day 2

Goal setting

  • Head Match - to cater thankyou.html with dynamic urls (such as invoices etc.)

Site Search

Virtual Pageviews (track AJAX non-reloaded page)

Custom Variables

  • Page level
  • Session level
  • Visitor levels
index, (required)
name,  (required)
value, (required)
opt_scope (optional)

I think this is put inside <head> tag

opt_scope has 3 diff levels:-

  1. (visitor-level)
  2. (session-level)
  3. (page-level)